La Aduana

La Aduana Coworking offers  you different contract options for our shared workspace so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your project.

We create a space for you, where you can also organize professional or social events thanks to our specific area for celebrations. Come and get to know us! we want you to tell us what your needs are so we may offer you a personalized solution.

A Workspace that adapts to you 

We have created a workspace that adapts to you and to your schedules, so that you can work on your project when you need it, sparing you from having to adapt to fixed office hours.

At La Aduana you decide your working schedule, and we are the ones who adapt to you

Services included in our Coworking

impresora internet huella reuniones paqueteria seguridad terraza telefono limpieza horario eventos espacios comunes cerveza cafe bicicleta agua

You will find all the services you need for your daily work routine. In addition, we have exclusive and cool services that you can only enjoy at LACW! such as our bike rack,  fingerprint access, private phone booth,  hot and/or cold drinks including coffee, beer or water.

Enjoy high speed Internet with fast and secure Internet connection, printers and scanners for any printing or document digitization needs.

We also have unique common areas, designed by workspace creation experts for maximum comfort and practicality, where you can disconnect, relax and have a drink with other entrepreneurs. And, enjoy the outdoors without leaving the building! We have a cozy terrace where you can charge your batteries under Malaga’s sun.

Our business center has 24-hour surveillance featuring security cameras to secure your belongings, such as your laptop or documents, so that they are always safe. And, we have a daily cleaning service to ensure your workplace is always in perfect condition, with special emphasis on disinfection as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mail and parcel services are also available so that you may receive your orders comfortably. We will receive and keep the package when the delivery man comes if you are absent from the coworking space, sparing you from having to sit and wait for it.



Espacios compartidos trabajo

Espacios compartidos





Espacios individuales trabajo

Espacios individuales

Sala reuniones

Sala de reuniones


If you are looking for a place to launch your business idea and want to invest as little as possible, come meet us and try one day for free!

We will give you a tour of our facilities and tell you about our services. You will discover a functional workspace where you can find all the comfort you need to work effectively.

If you have never experienced working in a Coworking space, we recommend that you come and try it! You will meet other entrepreneurs and network, concentrate isolated from the outside noise and focus on your project.


At La Aduana we are different; our Coworrking goes further.

We provide you with a space where you can find everything you need to promote your business idea, where you can work efficiently, effectively and productively to focus on your project and achieve great results.

We also host different activities related to business, and through which you can learn and share experiences with other entrepreneurs in our shared workspace.

Once a month, we organize a group meeting with all the members of La Aduana Coworking, giving all of us an opportunity to get to know one other beyond the professional profile, share knowledge and work techniques and enjoy very pleasant moments!


Te ofrecemos un espacio de trabajo dinámico, confortable, familiar y con una ubicación clave para tu negocio.