Centro negocios Málaga


La Aduana is a business center for entrepreneurs and businessmen looking for a space to develop their business.

Our facilities offer all the services that a company needs to carry out its professional activity. We offer you an exclusive space in the city center with all the comfort and one where your working days will be more productive.

We are committed to helping all types of companies by providing an ideal space to work as they develop their professional career. We offer full flexibility in terms of schedules, since our facilities can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our business center has all the characteristics that every entrepreneur requires to start their project. We offer a tailored space for each client, where they can work with concentration, quietness and security.

A space in which to achieve your business goals


We offer you a space in which to achieve your business goals, by designing personalized solutions for your company, covering your needs and making your workdays profitable.

We know that growing your business and obtaining the best results is of paramount importance to you. We help you achieve it. With an economical solution like ours, you will be able to invest more capital in efforts that will lead you to promote your project. By saving money when hiring our space, you can dedicate more resources to carry out marketing and advertising campaigns to publicize your company.

In addition, a great advantage is that you will meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers with great experience; networking is a perfect way to expand your business and create opportunities!

Alquiler espacios trabajo

Come and meet us. We will show you our business center so that you can appreciate first-hand the advantages that we offer you.


If you wonder why choose our business center, we tell you it is because it breathes professionalism. We have created the place you need in the center of Malaga to promote your business idea.

There are many entrepreneurs who trust La Aduana to develop their company. In our space you will find comfort and functionality, helping you focus on your work without distractions.

Centro de negocios

Offering you all the services you need

When choosing a business center, it is important to have advantages that help simplify your routine. We offer you all the services you need in this regard.

Each person has different working hours, so our space is available when you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cycling to work? Don’t worry about leaving it on the street! You’ve guessed it: we have bike racks!

Our business center has the  latest technology, including fingerprint access and surveillance service for maximum security, high-speed Internet so that you can work with great agility and stay connected with anywhere in the world and printers and scanners, allowing you to easily manage your documents.

Coffee, water and beer are at your disposal if you need to take a break and replenish energy during your workday. Top that with a magnificent terrace to relax, see the view and disconnect: a bit of fresh air and Malaga sunshine are all you need to replenish energy levels!

Our meeting room accommodates a maximum of ten people, including exclusive common areas. We also offer a daily cleaning service, as well as mail and parcel service.

Yes, we have omitted no detail, so that you can focus on your work and have all your needs covered.